Well crafted, easy to use and solves a BIG problem.

The standard 64-ounce glass growler is inexpensive, reusable, recyclable, and legal in all 50 states. It is the most common way to bring home the 75,000+ varieties of craft beer available only on tap and not offered in bottles or cans.

But, until Growler Chill, beer in growlers had to be consumed within a day or so of opening or the effects of oxygen and loss of carbonation altered the product of the brewer’s art. And, if you couldn’t make beer last, then you couldn’t bring home a variety to enjoy on your schedule and not the beer’s schedule.


Growler Chill changes all of that by solving the growler perishability problem.

Our innovation extends the life of the beer in the growler (keeping it fresh for weeks) by keeping the beer cold, dark, under pressure, and protected from oxygen. And since perishability is no longer an issue it gives beer lovers the added benefit of having more than one selection of fresh craft beer on tap at home to enjoy. Now, instead of narrowing down take-home selection to just one growler, the craft beer lover can take home 3 growlers without the worry of them going to waste due to lost freshness in a short period of time.



Growler Chill is the first refrigerated countertap that keeps up to 3 varieties of craft beer cold, fresh and on tap right at home!


No fuss, no mess and no transferring your delicious craft beer to a foreign container. Growler Chill holds 3 standard, threaded cap, growlers. Compatible with 32 oz. and 64 oz.


Control the temperature from your mobile device.


Control the CO2 pressure with just a tap from any smart device.


The Virginator, a new patented exterior feature, ensures maximum freshness for your growlers by purging the oxygen before you place them inside Growler Chill. Once inside, CO2 is maintained so your growlers stay fresh for weeks! Fresh beer, just as the Brewmaster intended! Pretty sexy, eh?


Growler Chill is a smart device! Connect Growler Chill to your smart phone or tablet and track how much beer is left in your growlers. Growler Chill not only alerts you when your beer is low and you need a refill.


Sell More, Buy More! We’ve solved the perishability problem so breweries can sell more growlers and beer lovers can enjoy more of their favorite craft beers at home!


Good to the last drop! One of our patented innovations eliminates almost all foam waste.


It’s the size of your average toaster oven! Our compact design fits nicely on any countertop.


Our patented Virginator purges the oxygen in the headspace of your growler with CO2 before you insert the growler inside the device. This prevents oxygen from creating off flavors in your beer before you have a chance to enjoy it.

Other products have attempted to solve parts of the problem.

But only Growler Chill fixes them all.

Growler friendly. Growler Chill is compatible with both 64 ounce and 32 ounce standard, threaded cap, glass growlers – the ubiquitous, reusable, recyclable container found in almost every brewery. Forgot to take your growler with you to the brewery for a fill? No problem, most breweries stock this standard growler.

Easy for you, and easy for the brewer. Our device does not require any special filling equipment or instructions. No fuss, no mess and no transferring your delicious craft beer to a foreign container.

Craftsmanship counts. With clean lines and a compact design committed to function, Growler Chill was designed to easily fit under the standard 18” kitchen cabinet, in your home bar, or outdoor kitchen. Personalize your Growler Chill by sporting custom tap handles. Growler Chill’s beer faucets have standard threads making it easy to customize with draft handles from your favorite breweries!

Beer is a terrible thing to waste. Bottles are placed inside Growler Chill inverted. Yep, that’s right – upside down! This reduces foam waste, and allows you to enjoy every drop of beer in your growler instead of relying on a tube that may or may not reach the bottom of your bottle. And if you’re a homebrewer, we have an optional cap for homebrewers who like to make unfiltered beer. This allows any sediment to fall to the neck of your growler, allowing you to enjoy every drop of your hard earned brew.





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